Leach Botanical Garden


Leach Botanical Garden in Portland, Oregon, is a charming place to visit. Its rich history is full of love for nature and enjoyment of the outdoors. People from Portland and visitors from all over the world will love the variety of experiences that visiting Leach Botanical Garden has to offer. It is the perfect place for a peaceful afternoon stroll, adventure with the kids, or learning experience for those interested in discovering all the species of plants, animals, and organisms that Leach Botanical Garden has to show off. 


Leach Botanical Garden received its name from John and Lilla Leach, who had a love for botanizing trips and discovering new plant species around Oregon. In the 1930s, they owned property on Johnson Creed and built a charming little cabin next to the creek. They lived in this cabin until John died, enjoying the beautiful nature that this beautiful location in Oregon had to offer. Uniquely, the city of Portland, Oregon, obtained this land because John and Lilla left it to the city in their wills. They hoped that the city would use their property as a botanical garden for visitors and residents of Portland to come and enjoy this beautiful garden. 


There are many activities to participate in when visiting the Leach Botanical Garden. This park proudly hosts weekly learning activities that are perfect for children and curious adults. Some of the things that have been available to learn about in the past include the life cycles of caterpillars turning into butterflies, participatory science, the importance of busy bees, and the exciting nature of Banana Slugs. These weekly learning activities, along with many more, are available to the public. When visitors come and participate in weekly learning activities, they will learn the chosen topic for that week as well as complete a craft that has to do with the things they learned. It is a great hands-on experience for children of all ages. The natural surroundings are gorgeous and wonderful. Similar to Tyron Creek State Natural Area, accept with more man-made attractions.

Curator Guided Garden Tours are regularly scheduled and available to anyone interested in learning about what plants are blooming each season in this Portland garden. They occur each first Saturday of the month, last for an hour from 11 am to noon, run on a first-come, first-serve basis, and run from March throughout November. In addition to the monthly Curator Guided Garden Tours, Leach Botanical Garden hosts special tours that are announced every once in a while throughout the year. These are informational tours that will teach visitors about specific trees, birds, ethnobotany, the history of Leach Botanical Garden, and the legacy the owners of the land left behind.

While you are out on a stroll or schedule tour with one of our guides, it is not unlikely that you will run into some of the species that live in this lush landscape. Plants you will see include alpines, herbs used for medicine, rock garden plants, flowers, and over 2000 hybrid plants. Some of the common creatures found in Leach Botanical Garden include deer, rabbits, squirrels, beavers, weasels, hummingbirds, harks, Banana slugs, dragonflies, butterflies, bees, and fish.

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