Tyron Creek State Natural Area


Tyron Creek State Natural Area is a beautiful state park located in Portland Oregon. This area is full of greenery and thick vegetation. The most common plants you will come across in the Tyron Creek State Natural Area include Red Alder, Bigleaf Maple, Douglas-Fir, Western Redcedar, and Western Hemlock. You may even be lucky (or unlucky!) to spot wildlife such as Coyote, Brush Rabbits, Western Red-Backed Salamanders, Blacktail Deer, Pacific Tree Frogs, owls, woodpeckers, beavers, skunks, weasels, and more. 

Because Tyron Creek State Natural Area is just 15 minutes from the city of Portland Oregon, it is viewed as a perfect little escape into the wilderness without having to travel far. It is a beautiful place to visit year-round and watch as the seasons change. In this state park, there are hiking trails, horseback riding trails, and a paved bicycle path. 


The land where Tyron Creek State Natural Area is located was obtained by the state between 1971 and 1988. Before this time, much of the land was owned by a logging company. Some of the trails that the loggers used during this time are still used today – but as hiking trails for visitors of the park to follow and enjoy views of lush vegetation that once covered the surrounding cities. Even before the park officially became a State Park, lots of private funds were put into the area to create a privately owned park. After the state bought the land, they continued to purchase land surrounding the area in order to expand the park. The name of the park was chosen to honor a man named Socrates Hotchkiss Tyron – a pioneer man who settled in the area in 1850. 


The Nature Center is a great place to start when visiting Tyron Creek State Natural Area for the first time. Here you can get advice on which hike or trail will be best for you and your party. The Nature Center also has fun exhibits to explore, accessible bathrooms, and a small gift shop for you to pick up an item or postcard that will help you remember your visit and the memories you have made. 

Tyron Creek State Natural Area is home to 14 hiking trails that wind throughout the entire park. The thick forest provides much shade to the hiking trails making it a great place to enjoy the outdoors while avoiding the hot summer heat. Something unique about Tyron Creek State Natural Area is that almost all of the hikes here are easy 0.6 ot 3.2 mile trails. This makes the park a great place for a short outdoor walk after spending time in the city and a place for all ages to enjoy. Yet, there are so many hikes to choose from that if you wanted to explore all day, there would be more than enough things to see. This state park also has a paved all abilities trail, 4 different bicycle paths, and 4 equestrian trails.

If bridges are your thing you will love Tyron Creek, but be sure to check out St. Johns Bridge as this huge bridge is quite the landmark in Portland.


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