Ant Extermination

Ant Extermination

Your home is your castle. It may not have a moat, but you probably feel pretty confident that you can at least control who comes in and out, right?


Ants are unwelcome house guests. Worse than that, they are entitled and spoiled, letting themselves in, making themselves at home, and not even paying rent. One day you are in control, the next they are helping themselves to the pantry, munching on the walls at all hours, and refusing to respect your boundaries. Enough is enough.

You decide to call in the big guns— an ant exterminator. Let Insight Pests come to your rescue. Cooler than the terminator, your exterminator is dedicated to ant control, spending their life seeking out your ant infestation and eliminating it.

Why should you choose us? Put simply, because we are the best. We treat ants using an effective method involving lacing the workers with bait. They then go back to the queen and kill her Trojan-horse style. The decimation of the queen means her kingdom falls with her allowing you to exterminate the colony from within.

We will actually follow the trail of ants when they reveal themselves to make sure that the job is completed properly, and that every last ant is evicted from your home and yard. To make doubly sure you won’t be bothered by squatters again, we will suggest quarterly treatments following the initial clear-out to help keep your home yours for the long term.

We put our customers at the heart of our service, and the results speak for themselves. We boast a 4.9-star rating and over 1,000 independent reviews on Google praising our success in the ant exterminator business. While customers are our passion, ants are our nemesis, and we want them to pay.

What Type of Ants Do I Have?

Unfortunately, ants are good at breeding and have successfully evolved into many different types during their plot for world domination. Here are the top ones to look out for in your home:

Odorous House Ants

These ants are small with a brown-black body and no stinger. What identifies them more clearly, however, is the overwhelming odor of rotting coconut they bring with them. If these guys have paid you a visit, you will definitely know about it— no blaming this one on the dog!

 Carpenter Ants

Available in fetching shades of brown, black, or red, the first thing you will notice is that these are larger than your normal ant. They can cause severe structural damage, starting off in wet, decayed wood and moving on to tastier undamaged, dry wood. Best to catch them as early as possible!

 Pavement Ants

If snacks suddenly start going missing, don’t look at your other half. Pavement ants are notorious for their appetites and will eat anything, including cheese, meat, bread, fruit, and other insects. They are scary, hungry little guys. Identify them with care— though hard to spot they are usually small, brown, and close to bricks, concrete or pavement.

 Thatching Ants

These chamaeleon creatures can often be mistaken for carpenter ants. The come in black, brown, and red shades, and range from 4 to 9mm in size. Although sometimes content with plants, they occasionally unleash their carnivorous and cannibalistic tendencies to eat other insects. You do not want these guys to take up residence anywhere near you.

Moisture Ants

This is actually a collective name which includes a number of different species. Usually yellow or black, moisture ants are usually around 3 to 4mm in length with the females being larger. Even more appealingly, they release a citrus odor if crushed. Delicious.

Is Your Ant Control Method Safe?

We can guarantee you expert technicians with experience in the pest and ant exterminator businesses. We put our customer’s convenience and safety at the heart of our service and promise to preserve your wellbeing as much as possible. We will only use the chemicals which the situation requires and will not fill your home with hundreds of surplus and useless chemicals.

With this said, homeowners should still be mindful of themselves and of children and animals. We do use chemicals to destroy the ant colony which could be dangerous to health, and so common-sense precautions are required.

How Often Will You Treat for Ants?

Following the initial clearance, we would recommend treating your home once every quarter. This reduces the likelihood of a re-infestation and allows us to take out any stragglers before they have the opportunity to re-crown a queen and begin their takeover once again.

We are also happy to visit in between treatments if you have any concerns. Our priority is bringing the ants down, and we will do whatever it takes to liberate your home and take back control.

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    I’m not able to take time off of work during the day to help be on site for the initial visit. Do you have anyone that works evenings or on weekends?

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