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Spider Control and Extermination

Spiders can be found in most outdoor spaces, but are never welcome guests when spotted inside your home. While most spiders are not harmful to people, it is still important to have a spider free home. When it comes to spider control, most people have no idea where to start. The most effective means of getting rid of spiders is contacting your local spider control experts, and we are happy to help!

Insight Pest Solutions has top-notch spider extermination services within the regular quarterly treatments that will help you rid your home of spiders. Each treatment proactively kills spiders and prevents them from coming back.

Common Spiders In The Pacific Northwest

Most spiders are not dangerous to humans and will eat other insects that have found their way into your home. While they may not harm people, spiders are still not pleasant to find in our homes. Spiders are generally drawn inside seeking a warm place to eat or mate.

Being so lush, wet, and green, the Pacific Northwest is a great place for spiders to live. While this is alright when they are outside, it becomes annoying when they invade our space. The three most common spiders in our area are hobo, wolf, and house spiders. Here is a brief description of each to help you identify which spiders are living on your property:

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders are just over an inch long with fury, grey, black, and brown coloring with dark markings. Wolf Spiders will bite when threatened, but the venom is not harmful to humans. Unlike most spiders, wolf spiders don’t use webs to catch their prey, they hunt them down.

House Spiders

House spiders are tiny brown or grey spiders with striped markings on their legs. Common house spiders are divided into two groups: hunting spiders and web-building spiders. Most house spiders pose no threat to humans, outside of mild irritation.

Hobo Spiders

Hobo spiders look like slightly larger house spiders, usually between 11-14 mm. This species is aggressive and will charge at people if they feel threatened. Hobo spiders feed off of other insects. There is debate as to whether or not the venom of a hobo spider is poisonous, but most research shows that the venom only causes skin irritations.

How To Prevent Spiders

There are a few things homeowners can do to decrease the number of spiders they see inside their homes. Spiders will enter the home through windows, cracks under doors, from under the house, or through any other opening. To prevent them, take the following steps:

  • Close windows and doors when they are not in use
  • Fill any holes or cracks you find in your home
  • Clear the area around your home of excess foliage or fallen leaves
  • Keep food put away in tightly sealed containers


After taking these steps for yourself, if you still see spiders or want continued protection, contact your local spider control expert, Insight Pest Solutions.

How We Get Rid Of Spiders

Our pest control service technicians treat for spiders two ways during each treatment. This provides both sides of prevention: the offensive move of getting rid of spiders and the defense preventing spiders from returning.

Dewebbing is one way we stop spiders from coming back. The technician will deweb in the eaves of your home and around the perimeter. Following the dewebbing, the exterminator (or technician) will treat the exterior of the home with a liquid barrier that both kills the spiders that are present and prevents them from coming back.

Contact us via phone call, email, or right here on the website to get your home protected from spiders and other annoying insects. Call today for a free quote and consultation!

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