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General Pest Control: We Service All Types of Pest Problems

At best, a bug or rodent infestation will be annoying and a hassle. At worst, you can find you and your family at risk of disease or injury. Our pest control team not only knows the difference between a friendly spider and a poisonous one but also where troublesome bugs like to hide and how best to get rid of them quickly.

Hobo, Wolf, and House Spiders

Most spiders are not dangerous to humans and help to eat other insects that might have found their way into your home. Spiders generally will come inside for warm places to eat or mate.

The three most common spiders in our area are hobo, wolf, and house spiders.

Wolf spiders are just over an inch long with fury, grey, black, and brown coloring. House spiders are tiny brown or grey spiders with striped markings on their legs. Both of these species are harmless to humans.

Hobo spiders look like slightly larger house spiders. This species is aggressive and poisonous. If you see or suspect Hobo spiders around, our team is available to spray for spiders and ensure they don’t pose a risk to your family.


Cockroaches have a reputation of being a hallmark of dirty homes or signifying poor home cleaning or upkeep. While this can be true, it’s not always the case. They can sneak in on grocery items, through doors, or even up sewer or drain pipes.

These infestations are often challenging and have the potential to spread E. coli or Salmonella through their feces. It is essential to get rid of cockroaches quickly and efficiently. Don’t waste your time with home remedies. Let our team step in to keep your family safe.

Fleas and Ticks

An infestation of fleas or ticks in your home often accompanies the presence of other pests, such as rats or mice. However, dogs and humans also have the potential to bring them inside.

Both insects have the potential to spread diseases and need the blood of their host to survive. Flea bites are often itchy and numerous. Ticks will burrow into their host and remain there until removed or they have eaten their fill. Caution must be used when removing a tick from a human or animal.

Both of these insects cause severe threats to the health of humans and pets. Don’t risk your safety and call a flea and tick exterminator immediately.

Box Elder Bugs

Box Elder bugs are black bugs with red lines across their backs and red wings. In the spring and summer, they live, mate, and reproduce in box elder trees. These bugs are not harmful to humans in any way.

However, they do prefer to move indoors to warm, sunny homes for the fall and winter. It can be quite unnerving when a swarm of these bugs appears inside seemingly out of nowhere.

While they don’t spread disease, box elder bugs do secrete a liquid that can stain your walls, curtains, or furniture. Additionally, they smell when crushed.

Our pest control team can help identify their outdoor habitats and spray indoors, if necessary.

Carpet Beetles

Adult carpet beetles are oval shaped with black, white, and yellow coloring. Larvae are incredibly hairy, sometimes with barbed fur, and can be light brown to black.

Carpet beetles do not pose direct risks to humans. Though sometimes, in rare cases, the barbs of the larvae can irritate human skin. They are annoying and hard to eradicate, however.

Larvae eat fabrics and will create holes in clothes, furniture, carpets, or any other items in your home with natural fibers. When they mature, adult carpet beetles become merely a nuisance. They are attracted to light and can be seen flying into your lamps or light fixtures. However, the presence of adult beetles typically means there are eggs or larvae around causing damage.

Calling our beetle extermination services ensures your clothes and furniture are safe from further destruction.

Silverfish and Earwigs

Silverfish are tiny, grey critters that appear quite intimidating. However, they pose no risk to humans. Papers, clothing, or books, however, can be quickly destroyed by these bugs. They prefer dark, damp environments like garages or basements.

Despite their name and reputation, Earwigs do not burrow into human ears or cause a threat to humans  in any way. These small, brown bugs with pinchers on their abdomen eat other insects and prefer to live outdoors in grassy areas. They can be attracted inside by moisture.

Harmless as they may be, these are not ideal house guests. Our pest control services will ensure they stay away.

Cricket Extermination

Crickets vary in color from yellow-brown to black, depending on the species. They have long, thin back legs along with antennae that run most of the length of their bodies.

A cricket infestation is more of a headache, with their nightly chirping and unnerving appearances, than a serious problem. However, crickets will eat gardens and plants and make it hard for your landscaping and yard to survive.

Calling professional extermination services will remove the crickets once and for all to protect your garden and preserve your sleep.

If It is a Bug Problem, We Can Fix It.

We protect your family from poisonous spiders and disease spreading cockroaches. We also understand the importance of keeping your clothing safe from the insects that find it delicious and ensuring a quiet night’s sleep without crickets chirping.

Whatever the problem, we have the pest control prevention options and solutions for you.

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