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At Insight Pest Northwest, it is a privilege to be your local rat exterminator. We understand that rat control is a somewhat repulsive process, to be frank. However, dealing with those necessary, yet undesirable, elements to keep your home pest-free and healthy is what we do.
Our inspections are designed to see the potential entry points for rats before the rats find them. This saves you the money and hassle of dealing with the rodents and their effects after they arrive.
In the situation that rats decide to share your home, we are here to handle everything for you conveniently. From setting the traps to cleaning up the rats and their feces, we have you covered. You never even have to look!
Call us today to set up a rat control inspection or to allow us to help you eliminate rodents from your property once and for all.

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Rat Extermination

Rat infestations have the potential to become costly quickly. The noises of their chewing and scurrying can cause you to lose sleep. Their chewing through food containers, wires, and walls leads to expensive waste and home repair bills. Cleaning up after them requires caution and time to prevent the spread of disease.
All in all, when you have a rat infestation, there’s no quick or easy way to handle it on your own. Luckily, as your local rat control experts, we are here to help ease the process.
To be sure that rats are truly your problem, instead of mice or another type of rodent, try to catch a glimpse of the critter. Rats have grey to black coloring, stubby snouts, short ears, and a long, hairless tail. Size is not necessarily a defining feature. While much rodent control is similar between species, the information provided here is specific to rats.
If you aren’t sure that rats are your problem, call us, your local rat exterminator for an inspection. We can differentiate between species and offer advice on the next steps to take towards a solution to your infestation.


The Rat Removal Process


Removing rats from your home is not a process for the squeamish or the faint of heart. To avoid all of the unpleasant aspects of rat removal, calling a professional is often the best decision. It saves you the stress, discomfort, and hassle.
If you choose to forgo working with a professional rat exterminator, these are the necessary steps you should take to rid your home of the rodent infestation.


Seal off all gaps
It’s essential to seal off all gaps in your house that could be allowing the rats to come and go. Closing off access ensures that no new rodents are entering your home and that those stuck inside will become hungry and more tempted by the traps.


Set the Traps
Set out snap traps with a sticky food as bait. Other methods may seem more humane, but they are less effective and will often cause the rodents more suffering. Snap traps work quickly and thoroughly. For best results, place your traps near areas with lots of rat poop or chew marks.

Legal disposal of the rat bodies depends on where you live. Check your community codes before using your regular trash service.
After the rats are all deceased and the bodies are gone, the time to further clean arrives. Rodent feces act as a carrier for many diseases. You must clean and sanitize your home to prevent further spread or illness.
Beyond this is the actual damaged caused by rats biting through your home and wrecking the insulation. You will need to inspect every space of your home to make sure you correct the damage done.
If these steps sound less than ideal, call us. As a professional exterminator service, we do the messy work for you.

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