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Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches are unnerving to encounter and a roach infestation can quickly become a homeowner’s nightmare. The main risk with having cockroaches in your house is the transmission of diseases. They can also cause damage to clothing and furniture if the cockroach infestation is extensive.

Since cockroaches are nocturnal, you are most likely to see them at night as they come out to find food. If you happen to see some inside during the day, it may be a sign of a large infestation. Insight provides pest control treatment specifically for cockroaches. We have expert roach exterminators, often called service technicians, that can inspect your home and give you a quote for treatment.

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Cockroaches In Washington

There are four main cockroaches that can be found in Washington; the German, American, Oriental and Brownbanded.The German Cockroach is a pale brown, whereas the American roach is larger and reddish-brown. The Oriental Cockroach is dark brown or black and shorter than the other three. The Brown Banded Cockroach is less common and will have alternating light and dark brown stripes across its abdomen.

What Attracts Roaches?

These omnivores are not picky eaters and will go after any food remains that they can access. Crumbs left on the counter, sauces on dirty dishes sitting in the sink, and odors emitting from the garbage all attract roaches. They will even eat cardboard, so make sure you’re taking out your recycling regularly and checking your storage places! Keep up on laundry, remove food spills, perspiration and other bodily fluids from your clothing. These scents will attract cockroaches to your laundry room. Roaches are persistent and can chew holes through clothing with stains on them. If you find yourself with a roach control issue inside contact us right away. At Insight we have trained and licensed professionals who can analyze the situation and determine how to safely manage the infestation.


Why Are Cockroaches Dangerous?


Mainly because they carry diseases and parasites that can be fatal to humans. They love moist and dark areas, which sometimes means that they travel through sewers before they enter your home. They will feed on animal and human feces and have been known to carry diseases that cause diarrhea, Typhoid Fever, cholera, leprosy and dysentery. On the less extreme end they have been known to cause reactions such as a rash, swollen eyes and difficulty breathing. Children, elderly and immunocompromised individuals are especially susceptible.

How Can Insight Help?

We understand that cockroach control is about eliminating the infestation, not just the ones that you are seeing. Due to the cockroach’s biology they are very difficult to get rid of, it often takes multiple product applications and visits to truly eliminate the problem. Our cockroach exterminators use a variety of products to capture and kill cockroaches. Spray, dust, bait and insect monitors are all tools that a technician may or may not use to treat roaches. Rest assured that we have many tools and methods for extermination, but it does take time to eliminate an infestation.

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