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Mole Extermination (Removal)

Moles are small, predatory critters that live in tunnels underground. They eat insects, earthworms, and other bugs found in the soil. Additionally, moles are nocturnal in nature, meaning they usually do their work at night.

Since they are rarely seen and eat other bugs, it would be easy to fall for the false notion that moles aren’t so bad. Yet in reality, moles are unwanted predators that will deplete a yard from nutrients, destroy grass and plants, and leave piles of dirt and stones that interfere with lawn mowing.

At the first sign of their arrival, it is essential to begin the process to get rid of moles. Insight Pest Solutions is here for all of your mole control and mole extermination needs.

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Calling mole extermination professionals at the first sign of a mole infestation can save many headaches, money, and months of damage to your yard. Homeowners who try to handle their mole removal process alone often end up unsuccessful while the problem worsens.

The only tried and true method of mole abatement performed by homeowners involves preventative lawncare. Keeping your grass short and removing excess moss and plants will make your yard less enticing to moles. These preventative measures only solve part of the problem, but are tangible steps homeowners can take for themselves.

Old wives tales say that moles can be removed by flooding their tunnels or pouring castor oil through their holes. However, science and experience do not support these claims. These attempts often end up wasting time while the moles continue to cause damage.

Mole traps and professional extermination techniques are necessary for most infestations. Understanding where the moles spend most of their time, and how to catch them, takes intensive training and experience. Our technicians take the guesswork out for you and provide quick results.

If you think there are moles in your yard, call us today to learn more about our specialty mole extermination services.


Do I Have A Mole Problem?


It’s essential to begin taking steps to remove moles as soon as you see signs in the yard. Most mole litters have seven pups, and each mole averages tunneling speeds up to fifteen feet per hour. A mole infestation can quickly cause significant damage to your property.

How to Tell You Have A Mole Problem

You don’t have to physically see moles to know that they are there. Even though moles rarely come above ground, they leave signs of their presence. Moles tunnel just below the surface of your lawn, which creates raised ridges that you can both see and feel. In addition, they dig nests deeper underground which creates piles of dirt on the surface that they displaced on while burrowing. Here is a more succinct list of signs you might have moles in your yard:

  • Raised ridges or waves across your yard
  • Areas of discolored or dead grass that follow a specific path
  • Mounds, or hills, of loose dirt
  • Areas around the yard that feel weak or “squishy” feeling. This indicates that the soil is loose or that there are tunnels under the surface

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