Voodoo Doughnuts

What could be more iconic to Portland than Voodoo Doughnuts? This unique doughnut shop often has a line that stretches far beyond their entrance. Don’t expect to arrive there at 10am and leave within 10 minutes if you didn’t order ahead of time! What makes Voodoo Doughnuts so popular?

The Back Story

Similar to many small business start ups, the founders of Voodoo Doughnuts began in a small location in Portland in 2003. Their unique flavors quickly gained popularity among the locals and the founders, Kenneth Pogson and Richard Shannon, began appearing at events such as weddings and concerts, with their unique treats. They had dreams of opening a business together, when they finally decided to make those dreams a reality, they realized that Portland was lacking a doughnut shop.

Having had limited culinary experience, they had to learn how to make their products before opening. To this day it is a tradition to keep a doughnut from the first batch baked in a new Voodoo location. This seems to be telling as the Old Fashioned Doughnut is “Cat Daddy’s” (Kenneth Pogson’s) favorite.

Since opening Voodoo has received national attention through a variety of media mediums and will likely continue that trend into the future with their unique and sometimes bizarre flavors.

Unique Flavors

Of course old fashioned doughnuts are always going to be a staple, with classic, chocolate or maple glazes. They also have a variety of cake doughnuts available. Flavors include blueberry, chocolate coconut, the ring of fire, Butterfingering and many more! The most iconic cream filled option is probably the Voodoo Doll; no one is decorated like the other, but each one is filled with raspberry jell and pierced with a pretzel stake.

Maple bacon bars are a surprisingly filling treat and chuckles are sure to be a chocolate and caramel lover’s dream come true! If you’re an Oreo lover than “Dirt” will be your doughnut of choice. Keep in mind that throughout the year, limited time flavors, in addition to the classics, are available. Make sure to look into their vegan options as well!

What Else Do They Do?

Voodoo Doughnut enjoys creating Tribute Doughnuts to honor the lives of influential people. These tribute doughnuts enter the realm of art and are worth looking up online.

Portland is lucky to be the only location where a Voodoo Van is available to rent for special occasions. Make your event, whether it be a business gathering, birthday party, wedding or baby shower, iconic by ordering customizable doughnuts.

After tasting their delectable treats, you may want to sport their logo! Order shirts, hats, mugs and other items online. Or maybe you forgot to bring a jacket on your trip to Portland, get one with a Voodoo logo!

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