Technician Spotlight Salem, OR- Matthew Hawes

Meet Our Salem Exterminator- Matthew

We want you to get to know the technicians that service homes in your area. Matthew Hawes is one of the technicians that services many of the homes in the Salem Oregon area. Matthew will have been a technician with Insight Pest Control for 8 years this June. He is a valued manager and technician; Insight Pest Control Salem is lucky to have him.
“I was born in Oregon, I grew up in Oregon, and I love Oregon. Go Blazers!” Matthew is a local to the Salem area and loves where he lives.
“I love the area of Salem and Eugene. Silver Falls hiking area is one of my favorite places to visit,” Matthew expressed. “I love being about 40 minutes from the beach and about 1 hour from the mountains. Not too far from the big city either.”
Matthew is a powerful example of kindness, respect, and professionalism which makes him an outstanding manager and example for the other technicians in the Salem area.
People want to know information pertaining to them and their area specifically. We had Matthew answer some commonly asked pest control questions specific to the Salem area. Below you can read the questions we asked and Matthew’s responses:

What is your favorite thing about working as a Technician with Insight?

“My favorite thing about being a technician is the customers. Most customers are so nice and fun to work with,” Matthew expressed. “I love helping people and I feel like I’m doing a great service for people and most people are very grateful.”
Matthew not only services our customers’ homes, he serves them and creates a comfortable environment where the customer can learn about what he is doing and how it is beneficial for their home. At Insight Pest Control, we value our customers and expect our technicians to treat them with respect and kindness, just as Matthew does.

What are the most common pest issues you see in the Salem area?

According to Matthew, the pests he sees the most of in the Salem area are ants and spiders. Lately, with the weather warming up, mice and rats have had a surge as well.

Tell me a little bit about how you treat for the pests you commonly see in Salem?

We usually treat ants with a spray or bait, sometimes both when the issue is larger. For spiders, a technician, like Matthew, will come out and apply our solution and deweb around the exterior of the home. For rodent issues, traps are set and tamper proof bait boxes are placed. We will come out and check those traps for you following our initial service and whenever you need.

What advice would you give a homeowner to help keep their home pest free?

Insight Pest Control wants to continually take care of our customers, both by treating their homes and encouraging them to take necessary steps to prevent pest issues.
“My biggest advice to homeowners is keeping your yard trimmed and clean, especially around the perimeter,” Matthew said. “Bugs and rodents love to hide or use the foliage to infiltrate your home. The cleaner it is around the home, the easier a technician can get a thorough treatment done which is something I never realized until I started this job.”

In Conclusion

Matthew will continue to service homes in Salem and the surrounding areas with professionalism and respect. If you need a good exterminator, contact Insight Pest Control Salem to take care of your pest control needs.

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