Meet Your Port Orchard Technician

We are excited to introduce Neil as our technician highlight this month! Less than two years ago Neil owned a gym in Montana where he enjoyed using his nutritionist background as a personal trainer. COVID-19 affected all of us in many different ways and spurred Neil to sell his gyms and move to Washington with his family. He continues to be passionate about exercise and fitness and enjoys the active lifestyle of a technician. While in Montana he was also the Director of Operations for the Boys and Girls Club in his area. Good thing Neil likes to stay busy! Being a business owner and managing the club meant that he had plenty to do every day of the week.

What Do You Like to Do for Fun in Washington?

During his free time, Neil enjoys being outdoors. On his days off, can be found hiking, camping and exploring the mountains. He truly takes advantage of the area that he lives in, already having done many things on a Washington bucket list. While he loves simply exploring the wilderness areas of Olympic National Park, Snoqualmie and the Cascades, he can also be found doing more extreme recreational activities. Neil has snowboarded down Mt. Rainer multiple times, sometimes hiking up, and was even being dropped off at the top by a helicopter once. While having fun outside is a great way to relax, Neil’s most important recreation time is spent with his family and dog.

Why Pest Control?

Neil has been involved in pest control for a total of about 5 years throughout his life. He is an avid environmentalist and enjoys studying biology. Working in pest control gives him the chance to help others protect their home in a safe, environment-friendly manner.

How Long Have You Been with Insight and How Did You Hear About Us?

Neil has been with Insight for about a year and a half, ever since his family moved to Washington from Montana. While in Montana he looked up Insight and liked the positive reviews left by customers and employees. Having worked pest control in the past, Neil knew what he was getting into.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Working as a Technician for Insight?

True to his past involvement in fitness, Neil likes the active and physically demanding aspect of life as a technician. He enjoys educating customers about the products we use, rodent activity and animal and insect biology. Neil will always take the time to explain how our services and products can help customers, while also keeping the environment safe. This genuine approach to pest control helps him build a positive relationship with customers.

What Are the Most Common Pest Issues You See in Port Orchard and How Do You Manage Them?

Neil was quick to say spiders, rats and ants. Many Washington residents know that these pests are persistent and can be frustrating to control. While treating homes with these pests, as well as others, Neil says that scheduling follow-ups is essential to mitigating the problem! He has found that it’s important for him as the technician to initiate and schedule those follow-ups rather than leaving it on the customer’s to-do list. Follow-ups allow him to make sure that he has applied enough product to control the pest issue. He likes to say “Coverage is King.” Customers can rely on Neil as the expert to create a protective barrier with products that will minimize pest issues, while protecting the environment.

What Advice Would You Give a Homeowner to Keep Their Home Pest Free?

Trim plant life (such as trees, bushes and shrubs) 24-36 inches away from your home. Neil recommends power washing your home once a year, if possible, to remove old and new spider sacks and pest remnants, especially in high and difficult to reach places. He also recommends removing clutter around your house that could serve as safe harbors for pests. Minimize clutter indoors as well and make sure that kids aren’t leaving out their treats from holidays.

Lastly he recommends starting your day with a smile! Even if it’s with a mask, Neil will be smiling to show customers his genuine care and excitement!

Are You Struggling to Manage Your Pest Issues?

Contact us and representatives at Insight will get you connected with a certified professional, like Neil, to help you with your pest control needs.

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