Local Eats In Vancouver

Vancouver has a variety of dining options available. Multiple blog posts could be created, highlighting the different pros and cons of each restaurant; we’re only going to take the time to go over two of the popular restaurants in the area.

Ginger Pop – Thai Cuisine

If you haven’t quite mastered the art of Asian cuisine, why not take a night out on the town and enjoy some Thai food! For those who love exotic flavors and a bit of spice, stopping in at Ginger Pop is a must while in Vancouver! Located on Columbia House Boulevard, this family owned restaurant allows individuals to enjoy an authentic taste of Bangkok flavors, without purchasing an airplane ticket.

Menu Items

Ginger Pop hosts a happy hour every week day between 11am & 3pm. Prices are slightly cheaper and there are fewer menu options, but they still include some of the classics such as Pad Thai, Ginger Chicken and Mussaman Curry. Happy hour is a great option for those wanting to go out during a less busy time and wanting to save a few dollars.

This is a great place to go for those with diet restrictions such as being gluten intolerant or if someone is wanting vegan options. Varying levels of spice are offered, ensuring that the spice lovers and haters all go away happy!

If you decide to go outside of happy hour, you’ll find more menu items available and their regular prices. Appetizers like Wonton and Egg Noodle Soup become available. House specials such as Mango Prawns and Pad Kra Pao Duck are also added to the menu. Delicious desserts, such as Mango Sticky Rice and Black Rice Pudding, may leave you wishing you had eaten less of your entree!


Ginger Pop is located near the Columbia waterfront, where the Washington Oregon border was created. Patrons may enjoy walking along the Waterfront Renaissance Trail after their meal or going to the Wintler Community Park. The beauty of the Columbia River paired with a belly full of Thai food is sure to make for a wonderful evening.

Amaro’s Table – American

Tastefully decorated with chandeliers and accented wood, this restaurant is a local favorite. Outdoor seating in a courtyard is available during warm months and regular patrons love the quality of food they get, for the price they are paying.


Large plate items include New York with Chimichurri, Citrus Glazed Salmon, Prawn Linguine and many other options! Artfully crafted salads are unique, offering options like Prawn & Elote and Salmon Nicoise. They also offer classically delicious desserts such as Ricotta Doughnuts and Creme Brulee. A children’s menu is also available for dine-in only.


Amaro’s Table is located on Main Street, in the heart of the city where lots is happening! If you go there you will notice a variety of restaurants and locations vying for your attention. Rest assured that Amaro’s Table has some of the best ratings in the area and is a local favorite. Make sure to check out their take-out options if you are just passing through or if you want a quiet night at home.

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