Kerry Park

Located in Seattle, Washington, Kerry Park is a wonderful tourist attraction with amazing views of the surrounding area. It is a mere 1.26-acre park located on the southern slope of the Queen Anne Hill. The park itself is a contribution from Mr. Albert Kerry and his wife, they donated the park to the city of Washington with a request that it be open to the public. Artists, movie producers, and creatives all can’t get enough of this park’s views. Kerry Park is located right on the corner of Second Avenue West and West Highland drive.

Things to see

While in Kerry Park, visitors can enjoy spectacular views, which inspired the creation of this public park.

The West Seattle Peninsula: Nearly one fifth of the population of Seattle live in this urban area which is home to the famous Space Needle portion of Seattle’s skyline.

Elliott Bay: This waterfront is where Seattle began, and serves the city’s ferry system. From Kerry Park, you can view several piers and catch a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean.

Mount Rainier: This is the highest mountain in the state of Washington, and it is also considered among the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Although it has been dormant for years, seismic reading has shown strong signs of volcanic activity. This view is spectacular and a great delight to many visitors!

Bainbridge Island: The second largest city in Kitsap county sits upon an island within the Puget Sound. There are many attractions in Bainbridge island, among which are a Spacecraft, Bainbridge Island Historical Museum, Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Fay Bainbridge Park, and Battle Point Park. The Island city is reachable from Seattle by ferry.

Other attractions

Kerry Park is a peerless place to enjoy the city, visitors and tourists alike can often enjoy the large lawn area which is a great place for picnics. If you ever need a calm atmosphere to think and just relax, Kerry Park and its many views are perfect. There is also a children’s playground and is nearby Franklin Place, a historical center. Visitors around Kerry park also enjoy checking out Gibson gallery, Marshall Park, Washington Park Arboretum UW Botanic Gardens, and Parson’s gardens.

Kerry Park is a fantastic starting point for the wonders of the Seattle region!


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