Imagine Children’s Museum

Imagine Children’s Museum

Are you visiting Everett Washington? Maybe you are a community member? Whether you live here or are visiting, if you have children there is one place you need to go: Imagine Children’s Museum. Located in downtown Everett, Imagine Children’s Museum provides children with a place to play, explore, and create all while learning in a positive environment. 



Imagine Children’s Museum was created to bring family fun to Snohomish County. The first version of Imagine Children’s museum opened in Everett in 1991 to provide families a place to spend quality time and to express creativity. The museum was in a number of small leased spaces until finding a permanent building in September 2004. Imagine Children’s Museum is permanently located in downtown Everett. 


According to the museum’s website, Imagine Children’s Museum’s mission is to “utilize playful learning to enrich children’s lives.”

Going further than just providing a place for children to play, Imagine Children’s Museum is meant to help kids learn and grow creativity, instill a connection within the community, and celebrate creativity and imagination. Providing a safe and inclusive place is another important goal of Imagine Children’s Museum. 

Ways to Play in Imagine Children’s Museum

There are a large variety of experiences available to the Everett community through Imagine Children’s Museum. Here are just a few of the exhibits that are available:

Rise and Shine Farm

This exhibit is a great way for children to learn about the fundamentals of local agriculture. They can practice milking a cow, play fun farm games, collect eggs, and learn communication skills. 


The Imagine-Air is a play area modeled after a commercial aircraft. Children can pretend to be the pilot, a flight attendant, a passenger, or a member of the launch crew. This exhibit provides many ways for children to explore their imagination and learn about the logistics behind take-off.

Piccolo Cafe

Hungry? Just stop by Piccolo Cafe where children can become chefs. This make-believe restaurant gives children a chance to role play and learn organizational skills, like running a restaurant. 

Thinker Linkers Construction Studio

Thinker Linkers are interlocking log pieces available for play and building in the construction studio. Playing with building materials and blocks gives children cognitive skills and helps with mathematical development. 

Air-Mazing Laboratory

The Air-mazing Laboratory is an extremely interactive exhibit that shoots fabric scarves through a maze of air-tubes for children to jump and catch at the end. This exhibit gives children the opportunity to learn a lot about air movement. 

Imagine Waterworks

Want to play with water and learn about how it moves and flows? The Imagine Waterworks play area allows kids to play with water and control how it runs. 

Want More Like This?


If you are in Washington, and are down to leave Everett and explore the Seattle and surrounding areas, there are many museums you can visit. The Children’s Museum of Tacoma provides a very similar learning experience just south of Seattle. 


If you are located in the Everett area specifically, make sure to check out the Schack Art Center


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