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The Children’s Museum of Tacoma is a place for children to explore creativity, discover and learn how things work, and enjoy playing with intriguing things. The museum is located on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma Washington. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to honor the compassion, creativity, imagination, and dreams of children and to cultivate a safe environment for play and learning.
The Children’s Museum of Tacoma allows children to learn through play through hands-on exhibits and learning experiences. A few of these different exhibits, designed for children 8 years and younger, are called “playscapes,” which this article will touch on a little more as you keep reading. Many of the exhibits are very sensory, from touching different textures to watching science work in simple ways.


Although the Children’s Museum of Tacoma has changed locations a few times over the years, it is fundamentally the same museum that was established in 1985 with the intent to be a resource for learning and fun for families in Tacoma. The museum officially opened in 1986 in the original location, where it stayed for 10 years. In 1996 the museum moved to a larger location. Another move was made in January 2012 to its current location on Pacific Avenue in Tacoma Washington. Since then, the museum has grown exponentially and has added many new exhibits and experiences for the children who visit.


The playscapes are designed to engage younger children in play that is self-directed and imaginative. There are playscapes that help children develop in all areas, including creativity, social and emotional skills, critical thinking, and early literacy. Here is a list of the different playscapes and their purposes:



The Woods playscape is designed to look like logs. This cozy area provides a place for kids to explore nature and imagination. It allows children a place to explore, climb, and move around the Woods.



From running to falling to still water, the Water playscape provides children with the opportunity to learn how water moves and to observe it. Children can watch a sculptural waterfall and change the pattern or speed of the falling water. There is a still pool where children can play with toys and learn problem solving skills.



This large ship-like structure is for children to climb all over and explore. The Voyager invites imagination and exploration. With a variety of wheels, gauges, levers, and communication devices, the Voyager allows children to play pretend and to create different scenarios in their heads of the adventure they might be on.


Becka’s Studio

This is the place to go to create art and explore a child’s creativity, from creating art to tinkering. Becka’s Studio provides messy activities and a chance for children to be independent in making artwork.



Invention offers an open-ended exploration for children. The children can influence what is going on around them with boards, tubes, fabrics, and more. From air tubes to moveable tracts, the Invention center gives kids an opportunity to build scientific and mathematical skills.


Playful Little Library

This space was provided for children and parents to have a calm and cozy place to sit down and read books. The Playful Little Library is an opportunity for children to learn literacy skills and imagination through reading.

More To Do in Tacoma Washington

The Children’s Museum of Tacoma offers a great number of programs and events for children to take part in, both at the museum and in the community. Visit the website to learn more about those different programs and events.
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