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Insect Extermination

The term insect is broad, encompassing a variety of different creatures that are within the Hexapod class. As the term hexapod implies, insects have six legs in total. Their body is covered in an exoskeleton and can be separated into three parts; the head, thorax and abdomen. While insects are important and necessary for the environment, they can quickly become pests when they invade your home, destroy gardens and lay eggs in unwanted places. Our insect exterminators, commonly called technicians, are licensed and qualified to provide insect treatment for your home.

While many over-the counter insecticides are convenient and cheap, they are often a quick fix solution. Our products at Insight are designed to treat the source of an insect infestation. Allowing colony members to take the product back to their main hub, thus treating the overpopulation on a larger scale.

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How To Manage Insects

As stated earlier, the term insect is broad and contains within it a variety of species. Each insect is different; insect control and/or removal may need to be specific to the species that has invaded your property. A technician can help you determine what specific steps to take and what products to apply in order to manage your insect issue. In general apply these techniques to minimize insect problems:

  • De-clutter the outside and inside of your home. Insects often like to congregate in dark and moist shelters. Scrap piles, dirty clothes, and plyboards leaning against homes are all examples of areas that can provide shelter and a home for insects.
  • Securly package pantry items, clean dishes and wipe off counters and tables after meals. Remove crumbs and potential food sources that would be easily accessible to pests.
  • Trim back shrubbery from your home. This will eliminate an easy bridge from your plants to your home that insects will use to gain access to the inside.
  • Seal entry points such as cracks in the foundation, and caulking decay next to the windows and doors in your home.

Insect Control And Extermination


The Insight Family is here to help you manage insects that are common in the Washington area. Our technicians are trained to treat and remove a variety of insects. Their training allows them to identify how to treat specific pests, in a pet and child friendly manner. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or free inspection.

Common Insects In The Pacific Northwest


There are a variety of different ants in Washington
There are a variety of different ants in Washington, some of the more common ones are carpenter ants and odorous house ants. Carpenter ants can cause wood damage to structures and furniture. Odorous house ants, also known as sugar ants, often come in large groups. You may have noticed how quickly you can go from having one or two in your kitchen to finding a large swarm or line of ants the next morning. Insect control through Insight can help you treat the source of the issue. Technicians will apply a pet and child friendly insecticide to create a barrier between your home and the ant colony.


An uncomfortable pest
Fleas are small insects known for their ability to jump much higher and farther than their small size would suggest. These are an uncomfortable pest to have around as their food source is animal or human blood. Their bites will often cause discomfort, resulting in rash-like skin irritation. Insight offers in-home flea treatments for those finding themselves with an infestation.

Wasps And Hornets


Insight technicians can perform treatment & Remove Nests
Wasps and hornet nests can quickly grow and become a dangerous swarming mass. Unlike bees, these pests can sting an individual multiple times, causing extreme discomfort. Insight technicians can perform treatment for ground nests and remove nests up in eves and difficult to reach places.


Annoying and persistent
These iconic insects have two pincers on the back of their abdomen. While fairly harmless, they can be annoying and persistent. In-home spray can be applied by a trained professional to help eliminate these persistent pests.

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