How to Kill Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are small, but can be very bothersome. Here are some tips on how to kill sugar ants before Insight comes in and gets rid of them permanently.


Figure out entry points

The reason why you sometimes find sugar ants in your home is because of the entry points they find around the home. These entry points could be cracks in the foundation, the outer walls, doors and windows. It is important to find where the ants are getting in the home in order to get rid of them. If you don’t know this, they will just keep coming back.


Seal entry points

Once you find the entry points, the next step is to somehow seal those entry points so that the ants are trapped either inside or outside making it easier to pinpoint where the ants. If you know where the ants are, you know where to treat.


Use vinegar solution

If you mix half vinegar and half water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the ant trail, it will mask the smell of the ant trail. This will cause the ants to become lost and will often die.


Call Insight

To ensure the complete removal of sugar ants permanently, you must contact a professional pest control company to help you out. Insight Pest Solutions guarantees the complete removal of sugar ants with the products and solutions they offer. Call Insight today, so we can help get ready of those nasty pests for you.





If you are seeing sugar ants or any sort of ant in your home, contact Insight Pest Solutions today for the best pest control Seattle has to offer.

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