Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment and Extermination

Termites cause significant damages to homes and properties each year. In most cases, the right precautions and professional termite control services could have prevented these dire situations.

To handle a termite problem correctly, you must first know what species of termite you have. Subterranean termites dig into your home from underground. Dry wood termites, as their name suggests, fly around to eat any and every source of dry wood they can find. Dampwood termites more often live outdoors, eating damp wood in forests or similar areas.

Because each species affects your home differently, each kind requires a different termite treatment plan. A professional exterminator comes in handy in both identifying the termites, assessing damages, and applying the best eradication techniques.

If you prefer to take on your termite treatment process alone, there are a few different methods you can follow.

Bait systems exist to pull termites away from your home. The chemicals involved attract the termites, persuades them to bring the poison back to their colony as food, and then kills them off. This technique is the best for small to moderate infestations.

Sprays, either in liquid or foam form, can be applied to the outside of your house to prevent the termites from crawling inside your home in the first place. This method can be useful as a preventative measure, but it’s not ideal in situations where termite colonies and termite damage already exist.

Tenting your home is the most well-known termite eradication method and sometimes the only option when experiencing a massive infestation. A giant tent is put up over your property and filled with a gas that soaks into all of the wood surfaces of the home and kills off all bugs, including the termites.

Is termite damage really that bad?

In short, yes. Termites will begin by eating wood, but will then continue to eat everything in their path. This can include drywall and plaster. It’s not uncommon for termites to go through your walls and begin feeding on your furniture.

Termite damage can cause your floors and ceilings to sag or your foundation to crumble. Not only is the elimination of termites expensive, but they often leave behind costly repairs.

We will get rid of your termite problem.

Insight Pest Northwest is your local expert for termite treatment and prevention services.

Our termite inspection process will identify any of the potential entry points or breeding grounds for termites. Additionally, our preventative treatment measures, through sprays or bait systems, will ensure that the termites do not become a problem. If your infestation is severe, our tenting services will help to end the problem once and for all.

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