A Day in the Life of a Route Manager – Noah Vaughn

Written by Noah Vaughn


My life as a sales representative for Insight Pest Solutions begins with an early alarm ringing in my ears. I am gripped through that fog of subconsciousness and wake up around 7 am. I rise out of bed, get a nice stretch in and peer out my window at the beautiful morning that Seattle offers me daily (unless it decides to pour buckets of water from the sky).


A foggy day in Seattle, WA.

I get out of bed and get a glass of water and change into my gym clothes. Maybe eat something, pack my gym bag and get protein powder into my bottle. Then my roommates and I head to the gym and workout for about an hour. This routine has slowly become more of a habit for me and I’ve really benefited from it. We head back home and take a shower. I brush and floss my teeth, comb and style my hair, gargle mouthwash just like everyone else. I get my business clothes on and mentally prepare myself for the day. I finish getting dressed, head downstairs for a quick breakfast, then out the door for a correlation meeting with the rest of the team at 11 a.m.


We go over our actual amounts of accounts sold and support our teammates on their efforts. I make plans with our team for that day’s goals to get a ballpark to shoot for and then we go over some training material, role play with each other to refine our pitches and work on sales skills together, gathering criticism and advice on how to do better. I head out to our area with my car group and grab a nice lunch (hopefully) and then its onto the doors.


The first few doors are always the hardest for me. I am not quite in the “sales mode” yet and so I trip over words and say too much or too little. After I speak with a few people, I am back into the groove and once I make that first sale, I’m on top of the world. I have more pep in my step and I am feeling great. My feet usually hurt though.


I knock an average of 7-8 hours a day, talking and meeting loads of wonderful people. Sometimes not so wonderful, but I try to not allow that to faze my groove. I talk to them about how to get rid of ants, how to get rid of bed bugs and everything in between.


Eventually, my car group and I head home, and we are dropped off at the apartment. I rush and charge my phone and iPad as they usually die on me every day. And then I get into pajamas, make a nice dinner, stretch and crack a few aches and pains, then I head off to bed.


Sales aren’t easy, and my body ensures that I’m reminded of that constantly; but the team, people I meet, and experiences I get from it makes up for anything I go through daily and I always wake up the next morning with a smile, ready to do it all over again. Call us today in order to get the best pest control Seattle has to offer.

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