Vancouver Lake Regional Park

If you want a park that has it all, you just found it! This beautiful area provides lake access, walking trails, picnic areas and scenic views. Make sure to spend some time at Vancouver Lake while you’re in Washington.

Water Activities

This beautiful lake hosts rowing competitions throughout the year. It is the perfect place to canoe, kayak, windsurf and paddle board. While many individuals enjoy boating, this shallow lake is not ideal for that activity. Boats are allowed in the lake, but the entire body of water is a no-wake zone. Make sure to check public health guidelines in the area before you go to ensure that the lake is safe to swim in when you plan to be there. Vancouver Lake will, periodically, have blue-green algae blooms that produce toxins that are harmful to humans and can be deadly to small animals that ingest the water.

Vancouver Lake Rowing Club

This club provides youth programs, summer camps for kids. There are also adult courses for beginners and those who have more advanced skills will be able to join the Masters Rowing. They even offer Dragon Boating as a low impact form of exercise. Options are available throughout each month for individuals who would like to try out Dragon Boating before signing up for the year. You can contact the club for more information about practices and summer camps.

Fun On the Shore

Two and a half miles of sandy beach stretches along the shore. You can expect to see volleyball nets up during the summer months, but make sure to bring your own equipment to use! Farther inland you’ll find BBQ grills, walking trails, playground equipment, picnic tables and large, covered, group pavilions. These pavilions are available for day rentals and can accommodate over 100 people. The largest pavilion can accommodate over 200 individuals and is in a beautiful location for a large group event. There are also restrooms available throughout the park for public access. Remember that there is a $3 day fee for parking, or you can purchase a year pass for $30.


Vancouver Lake is over 4000 years old and was mentioned by Lewis and Clark during their expedition. There are a variety of fish in the lake including the brown bullhead, black and white crappie, bluegill, and freshwater sculpin. Due to the algae blooms, eating the fish from this lake is not advisable. There are also a considerable amount of migratory waterfowl that make the lake their home for months at a time. While there you may see barn swallows, great blue herons, sandhill cranes, Canadian Geese and downy woodpeckers.

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