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Town Square Park is a beautiful park at the center of Federal Way, WA. The park offers both a place for children to play and a place for community members to relax and enjoy nature. Town Square Park officially opened in the summer of 2016. Jim Ferrell was Mayor of Federal Way at the time of the parks’ opening and spoke very positively on the impact the park would have on the community. Speaking of Town Square Park, he said, “This is going to be the beating heart of our city.” Even if you are visiting from out of town, if your children are being rowdy and need to run around, a trip to Town Square Park is just what you need.

Why visit Town Square Park

There is something for everyone available at Town Square Park. The park is home to a large playground for children, ziplines, two basketball courts, a soccer field, a picnic area, and a life-size chess set built into the walkway. In addition to all of that, the park has a splash pad available in the warmer seasons. From water to slides and climbing, or from ziplines to basketball courts, what more could you ask for? Last but not least, Town Square Park meets all the demands of a busy life by having accessible public restrooms right there in the park.

Town Square Park in Federal Way also satisfies the artistic eye with its stunning water fountain art piece and the four large welcome murals around the park. Between all of that, there is the simple beauty of the trees and open spaces available in the park.

Other Parks in Federal Way

While Town Square Park is a great place for all, there are many parks in Federal Way Washington worth mentioning. If you have a need to check out a few different parks, here are a couple of great parks in Federal Way:

    • Celebration Park: Covering 83.5 acres, this is the largest park in Federal Way. The park includes a children’s playground, four baseball fields, four soccer fields, and numerous trails and pathways connecting to many of the trails all around Federal Way.
    • French Lake Park: This park is 10 acres of greenery and open space. The park includes a picnic area, walking trails, and an off-leash dog park, so that your pups can run free for a while.
    • Sacajawea Park: This lovely park has an ample amount of parking, a peaceful picnic area, a fun play area, convenient restrooms, and a scenic walking trail all across its 18 acres. This is a great place for a sports lover as it has a running track, soccer field, football field, tennis court, and two lighted baseball fields.

We hope you enjoy your time in the parks of Federal Way Washington, experiencing the beautiful greenery and the fresh air. Make sure to also check out the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden while in town, you won’t regret it.

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