Q&A: Facts about Rats Worth Knowing

Rats are some of the most unwelcome house guests, no one wants to encounter a rat in their home. Understanding a few things about rats will help you know if you might have these little home invaders. If you think you have rats or other rodents in your home, contact Insight Pest Control for superior rodent control so that you can have a pest free home. Here are a few common questions we have answered about rats.

Why do rats chew through everything?
Rats teeth never stop growing. They are like teething babies, chewing on things helps prevent the pain that can come from the growing teeth. This is very inconvenient for people, as rats can destroy property by chewing.

Does being around rats affect your health?
If you are noticing rats around your home or lawn, we will help you get rid of them. While the presence of rats doesn’t always impact our health, rats carry and spread disease making it unwise to let them stick around. They carry pathogens that can spread 35 different diseases.

If I see one rat, does that mean there are more rats everywhere?
Rats are social creatures, they groom each other, play together, and sleep together. Rats typically live in communities. Odds are, if you see one rat, there are others hanging around. This is why having a pest control service, specifically Insight Pest Control, is beneficial. We will help you get rid of the community, not just the rat that made the initial appearance.

How do rats get in the house?
Rats can squeeze through small spaces very easily. If you have a crack or opening in your house larger than a half inch, a rat can squeeze into your home. Additionally, rats often enter the home through the garage. This is why if Insight Pest Control treats your home for rats, we will place traps and bait boxes right by their points of entry.

What is the difference between rats and mice?
Rats and mice are very similar, so you may be wondering if you have rats or if you are seeing mice. Let’s go over some of the differences. Rats are typically between 7-9 inches long, whereas mice are only 2-4 inches. Mice have floppy ears that are larger than rats in relation to the size of their bodies. Mice have long, skinny, hairy tails much different from the hairless, scaly tails of rats. Because of their small size, mice can be more daring and show themselves in the house more than a rat might. Whether you have rats or mice, both can cause damage and both can be treated with different types of traps.

How do I get rid of mice and rats?
Getting rid of rats is a process, from setting traps to checking and emptying them over and over again. The best and easiest way to get rid of rats is through hiring an exterminator to take care of rodent control for you. Call Insight Pest Control today for high quality rodent control. We will come out and check the traps and bait boxes whenever is needed, all you have to do is subscribe to our service, we will come out quarterly to take care of all of your pest control needs. If that doesn’t take care of it, give us a call anytime you need in between services and we will get you taken care of

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