Pike Place Market


Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington is one of the most visited attractions in Seattle every year. If you are visiting Seattle, make sure to block out some time to explore Pike Place and try some of the famous foods found there. Pike Place Market dates all the way back to August 1907. Since then, a lot has changed, the market has grown and developed to include over 9 acres; however, the spirit of Pike Place remains. Curious about Pike Place Market and what you can find there? Keep reading to learn about what is available to you at Pike Place.

Pike Place Highstalls

The name “highstalls” refers to the fun and extravagant booths selling produce in the market, traditionally built higher up from the ground than the typical tables used by farmers. The highstalls are like a permanent farmers market, selling high quality produce year-round. They sell everything from fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, to locally collected mushrooms and seasonal favorites. If you’re lucky, you will catch one of the vendors giving out samples.

Pike Place Crafts Market

The Pike Place Craft Market is a great place to get handmade crafts and trinkets. Over 200 local craftsmen, and women, showcase their handcrafted work every day in the craft market. You can find everything from clothing and jewelry to leather goods and pottery, or from toys and puzzles to herbal skincare and health products. The crafts and goods displayed in this market are remarkable and artistic, you won’t regret walking through and supporting the local trades.

Everything that you see in the market has been through a screening process, to ensure the product meets the Market standard and is of good quality. You can see something new every single day in the craft market, as it is a day-by-day market with new crafts people coming and going. Have you ever been interested in a unique craft or hobby? Find someone who specializes in it and ask about their process!

Where to eat at Pike Place

Pike Place is full of unique and delicious eating opportunities. There is something for everyone, but here are a few classic crowd pleasers.

The Pink Door
This iconic stop is loved by tourists and locals alike. This classy sit-down restaurant has a regal vibe and delicious Italian cuisine.

Pike Place Chowder
If you are ready to fight the constant crowds, this is where you can try the best chowder of your life. Made with high quality, local ingredients and always fresh, this chowder is one for the books.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese
Here you can have the world’s best grilled cheese and the most creamy macaroni and cheese you have ever had all in the same sitting. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese makes the cheese right there where they sell the gourmet panini’s, soups, and mac and cheese.

The Pike Place Gum Wall

One of the biggest and most well known attractions in Pike Place, maybe even in all of Seattle, is the gum wall. This wall is comprised of gum chewed by thousands, if not millions, of different people who have come to see the wall. Don’t forget to take a picture with this iconic sight.

In 2015, the City of Seattle cleaned off the gum wall for the first, and so far only, time. At that point the wall had over one million pieces of gum stuck to it. The wall was cleaned because city officials were worried about the gum causing structural damage to the wall, as the weight of and sugar in the gum could cause decay and damage. Since then, the gum collage has continued to grow and redevelop.

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