Pests You Will See in Your Home This Year

Now that it’s getting warm, the pests will start to show up in your home. It’s important to know how to identify the pests in order to get the treatment needed. Here are some pests you might see in your home this summer.

Carpenter Ants

Where they can be found: This type of ant is very common in the Greater Seattle area because homes near forested lands tend to have more carpenter ant activity. Many homes in the Greater Seattle area are near tons of trees and habitation. These ants are often seen constructing nests inside dwellings.
What they look like: They are usually large and black, but can also be a varying amount of colors including red as well. Watch out for the Camponotus Modoc type of carpenter ant which is the most common one to infest structures. It is black with red-brown legs.


Where they can be found: Right now there are 31 species in the state of Washington found from confirmed sightings. These species can be found anywhere in your home and outside your home in the proper pest control is not in place.


The most common kinds of spiders in the Pacific Northwest and what they look like:


The American House Spider

What they look like: A male American House Spider’s body is usually around 4 millimeters in size, and females can be twice that size. Both females and males are grey or brown in color and have specks of black, tan or white on their bodies.
Are they dangerous? These spiders can bite. The bite is irritating but is not dangerous for humans.

The Giant House Spider

What they look like: This spider’s body length is 11-18 millimeters with the legs measuring up to 4 inches. Remember: Giant House Spiders can be mistaken with poisonous Hobo spiders although they do have differences. Some of these differences are as follows: Giant House Spiders have 6 spots on their sternum.
Are they dangerous? A Giant House Spider can bite, however, their venom is only dangerous to those allergic.

The Wolf Spider

What they look like: This spider is large. They can get up to 35 millimeters in body length. A Wolf spider’s body is brownish-grey in color and has multiple markings and lines.
Are they dangerous? Wolf spiders do bite, however, their bite does not cause any serious reaction in humans.

The Hobo Spider

What they look like: The Hobo Spider is light brown, yellowish in color. They can often be mistaken with the Giant House Spider. Like the Giant House Spider, there is a v-shape running down its abdomen. To identify the difference between the two, see the description for the Giant House Spider.
Are they dangerous? It is not too dangerous for humans, but can cause pain, swelling and redness.

The Black Widow

What they look like: A Black Widow’s body is about a half inch in length, however, males are much smaller than females. Both females and males have red and white markings on their body and a red hour-glass shape can be found on the underside of its abdomen.
Are they dangerous? Yes. A Black Widow’s venom is poisonous and may be deadly if not treated.

Roof Rat

Where they can be found: Roof rats tend to dominate coastal cities along waterways in warmer climates. That is why they are often found in the Greater Seattle area. Since they are nocturnal, they are often not seen during the day and are seen by homeowners during the night. They like to nest in higher areas like trees or attic spaces.
What they look like: A Roof rat adult will most likely weigh in at about a half pound, so they are a smaller type of rat. They have a long tail, a pointy snout and long ears. These rats are also a light grey.

Odorous Ants (or sugar ants)

Where they can be found: Odorous ants have become a major pest across the Pacific Northwest. They can be found where food is and will not stop exploring until they find food or water.
What they look like: This ant is very small and can be dark brown or black in color.


Where they can be found: Silverfish can be found in damp conditions like in basements, bathrooms or warehouses. In order to eliminate the problem, reducing humidity helps a lot. This is why they are often common in Seattle because of the humidity.
What they look like: These insects are very slender and about a third of an inch long. They are wingless, a grayish silver color and two long antennae.



This summer, you will probably see your fair share of pests. To keep those pests out of your home, call us today to receive an initial treatment from the best pest control Seattle has to offer. We will get you taken care of.

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