Meet Your Seattle Exterminator – Nick

We want to introduce you to the technicians that service homes near you! Nick is the technician that services many homes in the Seattle area. Nick started working with Insight Pest Control after hearing about the company from a friend. He has over eleven years of experience treating homes for pests. Nick says he enjoys the fact that Insight is “family oriented.”

During his free time, Nick enjoys being active. He regularly goes to the gym, enjoying running and Brazilian jiu jitsu. To balance the activity he likes to have some down time to play video games and just relax. Some of his favorite places in the Seattle area include the Woodland Park Zoo and Shoreline Beach.

Many people want to know information pertaining to them and their area specifically. Nick answered some commonly asked pest control questions specific to the Seattle area. Below you can read the questions we asked and Nick’s responses:

What is your favorite thing about working as a Technician with Insight?

“We’re a team, we’re family oriented, we all strive to do better. Everybody is always asking questions, always trying to learn.”

Nick is a great example of always trying to learn and grow in his field. His expertise continually allows him to help Insight customers as he solves their pest problems. Multiple customers have shared positive feedback about their experiences and interactions working with Nick. As someone that has worked with pests regularly for the past eleven years, Nick says that “experience in the pest field specifically helps him while treating homes for pests.” He says that “different bug issues come with different seasons,” knowing those differences help Nick in his profession.

What are the most common pest issues you see in the Seattle area?

As stated previously, pest issues vary from season to season in the Seattle area. Nick went through the challenges that are present during each time of year.

Summer – As many individuals with pest issues might have noticed, ants run rampant in the summertime, in addition to flies of all kinds. Nick also said that spiders begin to show up and enter homes.

Fall – This is when spiders begin to increase in numbers and become more noticeable. Earwigs also begin growing in numbers and invade homes.

Winter – During the rainy, cold months rodents retreat inside structures and warm areas.

Spring – Nick said that Springtime brings about EVERYTHING! Lots of bugs and rodents are present and becoming active in the warmer weather.

Tell me a little bit about how you treat for the pests you commonly see in Seattle?

“Depends on the pest.” While treating homes Nick will look for ant trails and examine the foundation for ant activity. He will then use spray and granules to take down the ant colonies. While treating spiders, he looks for egg sacks and webs around lights, doors and window seals. He will then use Delta dust to create a barrier against the spiders and a dewebbing brush to remove webs and egg sacks.

Rodents create a different challenge as they can become destructive, chewing through wood. While treating for rodents, Nick says that he “looks for entry points like a chewed hole or a loose board.” Nick will then seal up vents or entry points if they are no larger than a baseball. If the entry points (often found in crawl spaces) are larger than a baseball, then the exclusion specialists at Insight have to become involved to repair the crawlspace.

What advice would you give a homeowner to help keep their home pest free?

“Turn off your outside lights at night, this knocks down pest activity by 35%. The lights attract flies, moths and spiders.” Nick says that yellow lights can also be an option to reduce pest activity. He recommended wiping down counters and tables at night after an evening meal to minimize pest activity in the home.

Lastly Nick recommends that everyone “smile everyday” which is something you are sure to encounter if you have the opportunity to meet Nick!

In Conclusion

Nick continues to treat homes in Seattle and the surrounding areas with enthusiasm and respect. If you need a competent and caring exterminator, contact Insight Pest Control to take care of your pest control needs.

Not located in Seattle? That’s okay! Insight treats areas from Northern Washington to Central Oregon. Make sure to check out our other posts about technicians in Salem, Oregon and Federal Way, Washington.

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