Meet Your Bremerton Technician

This month’s technician highlight is Kris. For those who are not familiar with Insight, technicians are licensed professionals who have been trained to safely apply pesticides. Kris works in the Bremerton area and enjoys living in Washington. He grew up in Port Orchard, where his parents moved after living in the Philippines. Kris has an exciting future ahead of him, he is currently engaged to be married and enjoys spending time with his fiancée and two children.

Kris loves spending time outdoors in the beautiful Washington mountains and forests. After hiking to a mountain lake, it’s not enough for Kris to just look at it and enjoy the scenery, he has to jump in! Since many mountain lakes are fed by snow runoff and melting ice, you can imagine the frigid temperatures, but for Kris, it’s just another day enjoying life! Check out our Illahee Preserve post for a fun outdoor recommendation! Some of his other hobbies include going to the gym and playing the occasional video game when he needs to sit back and relax.

Where Do You Like to Go in Bremerton for Fun?

Kris enjoys going to Lions Park. This beautiful park has walking trails, play structures for children, and is located right on the ocean. On a clear day, visitors can enjoy a view of Mt Rainier. Right now, Kris is teaching his daughter how to longboard. They have fun riding to the park, taking a break to play, and then longboarding back home.

How Long Have You Been with Insight and How Did You Hear About Us?

Kris has been with Insight for about a year and a half. He was previously working as a contractor and found a job listing for a technician on Indeed.

What is Your Favorite Thing About Working as a Tech for Insight?

Kris loves meeting customer’s pets! He hasn’t met a dog yet that he didn’t get along with, he will quickly become best friends with your furry family members. While working for Insight, Kris has enjoyed the progressive and inclusive culture of the company. It is clear that family is a priority for Kris, and he appreciates the family oriented and friendly environment that Insight provides. He also enjoys that the company has a growth mindset.

What Are the Most Common Pest Issues You See in Bremerton?

Kris was quick to say odorous house ants, otherwise known as sugar ants. In order to minimize issues with sugar ants, he recommends keeping your home clean. Wipe down countertops and tables after meals and seal up bags of food that would attract ants. Prior to your scheduled service, pre-bait for the most effective treatment. To pre-bait, fill a disposable water cap with sugar water or peanut butter and place it in the area where you are seeing ants. This will help the ants to associate that particular area with a food source and they will return to the bottle cap for more food. When your technician comes, he can then replace the food source with ant bait and product. The ants will then begin taking the bait and product back to their colony. Kris cautioned that odorous house ants can be persistent, follow-up treatment is key! If you are having issues with these ants, make sure to schedule a free follow up in two weeks after you receive a service. This is the best way to ensure successful elimination of the ants. Click here for more information about sugar ants!

How Do You Treat For Pests Commonly Seen in Bremerton?

Kris said that the goal is never complete eradication of a pest, but rather controlling the areas where they have access. The top priority is keeping your home pest free. Every time he treats a home Kris makes a point of doing three big things: 1) De-web the exterior of the home and look for evidence of wasps, 2) Set down granules; these will infuse the soil around the home to create a protective barrier against bugs 3) Spray the foundation and entry ways of the home to create, yet another barrier, that will deter pests.

What Advice Would You Give a Homeowner to Minimize Pest Issues?

Kris encourages homeowners to eliminate over hanging trees above the roof and vegetation touching the side of the house. When vegetation is in contact with the structure it acts as a bridge to the interior of your home. Pests will take advantage of these access points. This tip is especially important to follow if you are having issues with spiders.

When in doubt, Kris encourages homeowners to ask a professional. He has seen situations where people have not applied the correct amount of product and made their problems worse. Insight technicians know what products to use, how to use them, and what amount can be safely applied.

Spring is Coming!

With spring just around the corner, make sure that your pest control needs are being met. Read our post Why is Pest Control Important for more information.

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