Max Roc Paragliding

Looking for something fun, unique and exciting to do in the Gresham area? Why not try paragliding?! This exciting, bucket list experience is available at Max Roc Paragliding. Although they offer gliding experiences in a variety of locations in Oregon and Washington, their home base is in Gresham, Oregon. Experiences are available for everyone from beginners to experienced paragliders. Maybe you don’t want to learn to paraglide, you just want to enjoy a tandem ride, those are offered too!

What is paragliding and how is it done?

Paragliding is a unique sport where individuals are attached to suspension lines via a harness. These lines are connected to “wings” that allow experts to ride air currents. The wings are made of strong material like nylon or ripstop polyester. These strong materials do not allow air to pass through them, allowing the fabric to catch the air currents.

Trained individuals know a variety of ways to take-off and land. While in the air, individuals can use the suspension lines that are connected to their harness (called “risers”) to control their flight. These lines allow one to control the direction and speed of their flight. There are also break lines. Individuals paragliding will also have a spare parachute on their back in the case of an emergency.

What are my options at Max Roc?

Max Roc offers a variety of options, both for those who just want to check paragliding off their bucket list and those who want to become the expert themselves. They offer tandem flights, where a trained paragliding professional is with a novice on the flight to help control the paraglider.

They also offer paragliding lessons. You can get lessons either as part of a small group or solo. Often it will take 6-9 training sessions to become a licensed paraglider pilot. Gear is also included in the cost of the lessons.

Who will I work with?

Kelly Kellar is the instructor at Max Roc. He has been flying consistently for about 30 years, ever since the early 90s. Glowing reviews about his teaching abilities can be found on his own website and third party websites. People travel to fly with Kelly, not only for the beautiful sights available from the air, but also to expand their experience and knowledge about paragliding.


What can I see?

Gresham, Oregon is the perfect location for a paragliding experience. There are a variety of options available. Experience the beauty of the cost in a new way, or glide along the Columbia river. Some available flights even go up to Southern Washington. For anyone who has been to the Pacific Northwest, you know that even just flying along the valleys in Oregon would offer beautiful views. Sightseers will not be disappointed with the lush, green environment that makes Oregon so iconic.

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