How to Treat A Spider Bite at Home

It’s getting warm outside which means the spiders are coming out to play. Be prepared with this list of spider bite remedies.

1. Ice and elevate

Why it helps: When you get bitten by a spider, it will most likely swell. That is where the ice comes in. Icing an area on your body will help the swelling go down. This is the same way with elevating the bite. When you elevate the bite, the swelling will also go down.
How to: Apply the ice to the bite area for 10 to 20 minutes at a time and repeat multiple times throughout the day. Every two hours is a good time frame. Also, keep wherever the bite is elevated. It is on your hands or feet, elevate that finger, hand or foot. When it is a limb like on a leg or arm, elevate that whole limb.

2. Don’t scratch!

Why it helps: After getting bit by a mosquito, your parents tell you not to scratch it because it will only make it bigger. It is the same when you get a spider bite. If you scratch the itchy skin around the bite, it will only make the bite swell more and could also infect it.
How to: One way to stop the scratching of a spider bite is to apply anti-itch cream on the affected area. Another way is to put on oven mitts to make it harder to scratch.

3. Aloe Vera

Why it helps: Aloe Vera is known for soothing the burning feeling of a sunburn. It does just that for a spider bite. It calms to the inflammation and itchiness of the bite and therefore will help it get better faster.
How to: Aloe Vera can be applied to the bite area several times a day for relief until it improves.

4. See a doctor if it does not get better or gets worse

If you have tried the rest of the tips or others and it’s still not getting better and is maybe worse, go see a doctor immediately. If a spider bite is bad enough or not taken care of correctly, it can get infected and would therefore need medical attention.


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