How to Keep Your Home Bug Free in Between Services

Using our products will get rid of all of the bugs and pests in your home. However, here are some tips you can follow so your home will completely withstand pests in between services.

1. Let us know if you see any and we will provide free re-services

With Insight Pest Solutions, we come to service your home quarterly during the year. However, if you see any pests in between services, we provide free re-services to make sure the bugs get out and stay out.

2. Clean & Sweep Regularly

After a while, crumbs can accumulate in your home. It is important to sweep very regularly in order to create an atmosphere where bugs do not want to be. This will make certain bugs steer clear from your home and will help our products do their job.

3. Dry up damp areas

Bugs don’t just like food, they like moisture in order to hydrate themselves. When you have leaks, pests who like water such as silverfish and centipedes are more likely to show up. Consider cleaning up damp areas and fixing leaks in order to eliminate the moisture.

4. Clean up the kitchen

This tip goes hand-in-hand with cleaning and sweeping regularly. When you leave food on the counter or even leftover food on plates, bugs can be attracted to the sustenance. Make sure to put away food items as soon as you are done with them and clean off dishes as soon as possible.


Following these tips along with receiving pest treatment from Insight will ensure the complete elimination of pests and keeps your home safe. Call Insight Pest Solutions today to schedule a time that works for you to get rid of your pests and receive the best pest control Seattle has to offer.

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