How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

Sugar ants; so tiny yet so bothersome. Here is a list of tips on how to get rid of sugar ants before and in between your pest control services.


1. Keep your floors clean.

Sugar ants like sugar. It’s in their name, so it’s true. They are looking for whatever food or water they can find in your home. In order to keep the sugar ants of your home, keep your home clean, especially your kitchen. Do not eat in other areas of the home without cleaning up after yourself. This will make sugar ants bored of your home and will search for food outside your home. Unfortunately, this doesn’t rid of them forever.

2. Store food correctly.

Anything food left exposed will give sugar ants a reason to be in your home. Keeping leftover cereal or ice cream bowls next to the sink will most likely summon the ants. Or cereal containers left open in the pantry will bring in sugar ants. Find sealed containers to store your food correctly and clean up after yourself right away.

3. Fill the gaps in your home.

This way doesn’t always work completely, but it can help get rid of most sugar ants. It is hard to find every gap on the outside of the home. Something you can do to help get rid of them for the most part would be to find the holes and gaps near windows and doors, and fill them in. However, this and the other tips are not full-proof ways to get rid of them. In order to get rid of the ants completely without a ton of chemicals that aren’t safe inside the home is to call professional exterminators.

4. Call Insight.

The other tips and tricks will help deter the ants from the inside of your home for a while, but it won’t work forever. The only way to get rid of sugar ants completely is to call Insight and get professional help. We will help get rid of the ants in a very safe, green way that won’t hurt your pets or children. With our quarterly services, we will make sure your sugar ants are gone for good. If you ever see one, you can call us for a free re-service between services.



When taking care of sugar ants in your home, remember that you live there. Other people might live there as well. You do not want to use products with a ton of chemicals in your home to get rid of a nuisance. It’s not worth it. Let us help you out and do it in a way that doesn’t ruin your living space.

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