How to Get Rid of Moisture Ants

Living in the Pacific Northwest, moisture is definitely a legitimate concern. This then can increase the risk of moisture ants infesting your home. Here are some tips on how to get rid of moisture ants in your home.

1. Identify moist areas

Most likely you will start spotting moisture ants around your home when something is leaking or creating moisture in or around your home. The best way to start the process of eliminating those moisture ants is to identify the places in your home that are leaking or creating some sort of moisture. Some of these places could be a leaking roof or ceilings, moist basements or leaking in basements, plumbing leaks, drainage issues, moisture issues from HVAC and water damage.

2. Find colonized areas

Now that you have located the places where the leakage or moisture is occurring, it is important to now identify where the ants have colonized. These areas could be anywhere the water is located or anywhere near the water. It is important to find these places, so that you can let your pest control professional know. This will help the process go faster.

3. Contact experienced pest control

In order to permanently remove the moisture ants from your home, the next crucial step needs to be getting in contact with a local pest control professional. Insight Pest Solutions provides complete removal of ants. They can also help you identify more areas in your home that are infested that you may not have seen.




If you are seeing ants of any kind in your home, call Insight Pest Solutions today for the best pest control Seattle has to offer.

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