How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

Fire ants can be quite scary to deal with, especially with their painful sting. Here are some tips on how to get rid of fire ants.

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The first crucial step to ridding your yard of fire ants would be to contact a professional pest control service like Insight Pest Solutions. This will not only get rid of the fire ants, but it will keep them away.

Hot or Soapy Water

If you take either hot, not quite boiling water, or soapy water and pour it over the fire ant mound, it has been proven to kill most of the ants in the area. However, it almost never kills the queen, so the fire ants aren’t guaranteed to stay away forever.

Dig up Mound

Another natural way to get rid of fire ants would be to dig up with mound and then pour water into it with a large bucket of water. This will drown the rest of the ants in colony. This solution is quite extensive, and if you are not properly clothed, you could get bitten. However, this is an effective way if there is only one mound in your yard.

Diatomaceous Earth

This product will help dehydrate the ants and because of this, they will eventually die due to loss of body fluid. This product contains the fossilized remains of tiny, water organisms. It has been proven to be effective with fire ants, however, won’t keep more ants from coming. Diatomaceous Earth can be found at Walmart.





If you are seeing any fire ants or pests of any kind, contact Insight Pest Solutions today for the best pest control Seattle has to offer.

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