Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market

Looking for a wholesome and fun way to spend your evening? The Tuesday Market, located in downtown Hillsboro, is sure to be a fun time for the whole family. This market began in 1998 after a period of heavy reconstruction in the downtown area stifled business. It has continued to grow since that time and is thriving. If you are a local or are in the Hillsboro area between June 14th and August 30th this year, check out the market!


There are about 50 available areas for vendors, meaning that there are a large variety of local artists, craftsmen, farmers and small business owners that participate in the market. Patrons can find anything from handcrafted jewelry, to locally grown produce, to cleaning products such as soaps. A catering area is available with foods from local restaurants. Fresh and healthy food options are encouraged, so don’t feel like you need to avoid this area if you have food restrictions or are on a diet!

You may also see some non-profit and small businesses with tents up. These organizations can share their stories and advertise in the area on a case by case basis. The main purpose of the market is to encourage culture and art, share locally sourced goods and enjoy music provided by local artists. Check out our blog post about the Oregon Ballet Theater for more opportunities to enjoy local art and culture.

Classic Cars

You can also enjoy walking through and looking at the classic cars on Crusin Tuesday. While there you will see a variety of refurbished cars that are older than 1984. Sometimes various car clubs will have their members bring cars, while other nights individual classic car owners will register and park their automobiles. Anyone who is a car enthusiast will be excited to see the variety of brands and models for show at the market.

Location and Time

The market is open every Tuesday night in the summer. This year it will be open from June 14th through August 30th. Additionally, the market hosts an OreKofest in September as a last hurrah where vendors can sell their fall harvest.

The downtown area is where you’ll be able to find the market, Crusin Tuesday cars are lined up along 2nd street. The rest of the market takes place in the historic downtown area along Main Street from 5pm – 8:30pm. You’ll find the live music across the street from the courthouse and the main food vendors along the street in front of the courthouse.

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