A Day in the Life of A Route Manager – Stephen Rollins

Written by Stephen Rollins



A typical day as a route manager with Insight involves talking to a lot of people. People, who may not necessarily be excited to talk to you. We usually run into people doing everything you can imagine; working from home, cooking and sometimes they’re passed out on the couch. We usually try to be as relaxed and unobtrusive as possible.


Door knockers don’t always get the best rap, but in my experience most people are usually pretty nice once you get to know them, and they find out pretty quickly that we’re pretty nice, too.


A couple days ago while I was knocking, I went to call back a potential customer and ran into their neighbor. He stopped me and asked if I’d seen two boys walking by. I hadn’t, but we talked for a bit and had a nice conversation. Then I wished him a good day and went to go talk to his neighbor.


It turned out his neighbor was seeing a few things crawling around the house, so I explained the service and walked him through the agreement. We set up an appointment and as I was leaving, I asked him if he knew anyone who might want us to treat for pests.


He suggested his neighbor. I went and revisited his neighbor who also had some things crawling around the house. I signed them both up for the same day and got them both a referral discount.


At the end of it all, he told me that they decided to let me in because I seemed like a nice guy, and coincidentally he was a pretty nice guy too. With this job you talk to a lot of people. Some are asleep, some are cooking and some are less than happy to see you, but most of them are pretty cool. That’s the part of the job that I like the best.




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