A Day in the Life of A Route Manager – Matt Suchanski

Written by Matt Suchanski



My name is Matt Suchanski. I’m the guy you might see walking around the neighborhood every now and then talking about the bugs and how we can take care of them for you while we’re in the neighborhood.


My days are all pretty similar, I wake up, make breakfast, eat, brush my teeth, then finally run off to correlation where we get to role play and learn new sales techniques. After that we proceed to quickly grab a bite to eat, go to the bathroom and then head out to area.


When we get to area, we try to make sure everyone has everything they need for the day like our iPads, pens, customer cards, etc. Afterwards, I drop off my car group members into their separate areas and then head off to my own area.


I stop to take a break about 3-4 hours into knocking to take a quick lunch break and then I’m back on the doors till 8-9 depending on how well I’ve been doing that day or if I’ve gotten a sale yet. When I finally get enough sales, barely get one or have been out so late I know it’s just not going to happen, I pick up my guys from their areas and then I take us all home.


We all quickly make our dinners and take a shower then we individually read our scriptures say our nightly prayers and finally watch a show and spend quality times with the boys. We then finally head to sleep where I get to wake up and repeat it tomorrow.




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