A Day in the Life of A Route Manager – Bryce Nichols

Written by Bryce Nichols



A typical sales day for me is bitter sweet. I’ve found that the best thing is to stay positive. However, you always run into the occasional person that is not as pleased to see you as you are to see them. In that moment for me it is make it or break it. I can walk away with a smile or get discouraged.


Today, I had a experience just like that. I knocked on the front door of this older gentleman’s house and I did my usual, “hey, I’m just the neighborhood bug guy!”


He he immediately told me, “big guy, eh? Why don’t you just bug your way off my property!”


I just laughed at what he said and told him that it was a good one. I went on and I knew that if I had reacted negatively, it would’ve put a damper on my day.


Sales is what you make of it and every little decision counts towards success or no success. I’ve found that making the harder decision, putting a smile on and knocking the next door leads to the most success and fulfillment. Those are my 2 cents.





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