10 Facts About Mud Daubers

Mud Daubers look similar to wasps but have a longer, more slender body. If you are wanting more information on wasps, check out our post on Why Wasps Keep Coming Back? Mud Daubers may appear larger than wasps, but are often less aggressive. Wasps may sting you if you approach their nest, while daubers, typically, only sting their prey.

  • 1) As their name suggests, these insects build their nests out of mud. Oftentimes it will appear to be a pile of mud; however, depending on the species of mud dauber, they may build cyndrilic nests that are about the size of a cigar. Often you can find these nests in shaded areas, such as under a porch, in wood piles or nestled in abandoned machinery.Sometimes they will also build nests under the eaves of a house, which can be frustrating as a homeowner. Insight pest solutions can remove these nests as part of our routine treatments.
  • 2) Mud daubers are not as social as wasps. A female dauber will build a nest for offspring, it is not a family affair. They will often lay only one larva and then leave the nest. The young will then be left to fend for themselves and will remain in the nest throughout the winter.
  • 3) Female mud daubers have been observed to supply food for and build the nests. Male daubers will stay at the nest site to guard the larva from other insects.
  • 4) Their main food source is flower nectar and spiders. Spiders are paralyzed by the venom in the mud daubers sting, they are then stored in the nest as food for the dauber’s young. Sometimes, 25 spiders can be stored for a single larva.
  • 5) As larva develops, it begins eating the spiders. Once the spiders have all been eaten the dauber will emerge from the nest as a fully developed adult.
  • 6) They are primarily black or brown in coloration, if they have yellow on them, it will be minimal.
  • 7) There are multiple species of daubers, some of those include: the Blue Mud Dauber, Black and Yellow Mud Dauber, and the Organ-Pipe Mud Dauber.
  • 8) Don’t confuse Mud Daubers with Potter Wasps. Their nests will be in the shape of a vase or pot, rather than a cylinder or pile of mud.
  • 9) Getting rid of dauber nests is easier than a wasp nest. You can simply remove the nest often without fear of being stung. Female daubers do not stay around the nest after it is built and even if they did, daubers will, likely, not sting unless you handle them.
  • 10) With any bug that stings, it can often be very painful. It’s easy to remember the pain of a wasp sting, however, a dauber sting is considered to be mild in comparison to other insect bites or stings.

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